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Gonna get fit!

gotta love squats

“Life is beautiful when you live it – really experience it – not when you are more concerned about appearing beautiful as you try to live. When you think of your happiest times, were they in front of the mirror? Were you happiest when you were working to appear attractive or beautiful to others? Happiness and beauty come from doing, acting, being – outside the confines of being looked at.”

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Summer is coming! Let Bikini Rocket be your inspiration!


@fitnesss_mermaid: •C O N F I D E N C E•  I’m confident in who I am as a person, on the inside and outside. People will always try to tear you down, that’s just how life is unfortunately. Their will always be miserable people who have nothing better to do than put down anyone who seems like they are better off than they are. As pathetic as it is, it really bothers some people to see someone else happy and loving life. That being said, when people are trying to bring you down just KEEP SMILING and stay positive, you win, they lose. All they want is to feel accomplished knowing that they can affect your happiness, so don’t let them! Always stay true to yourself and change for no one.🙌 Remember if someone that claims not to like you is concerned with everything you’re doing, you’re doing something right. 💁 #staypositive #beyourself #nohate #goodvibes


@laisdeleon: Oh hey, you workout? 😏💪 Follow my fitness only IG account :: @laisdeleonfitness  @laisdeleonfitness  @laisdeleonfitness

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